Sustainable Lip Trio



Christi’s beautiful painting titled This Painting is a Mirror — which aims to reflect to the viewer all the beauty that is already within them — and Cheekbone Beauty’s goal of helping Indigenous youth feel seen and represented are in perfect synergy. 

$5.00 from every purchase of this special edition SUSTAIN Collection will go to support Nimkii Aazhibikong, a year-round, land-based language and traditional arts camp. 

Language is the foundation of a culture and for Indigenous people, words hold knowledge. Our stories, song and dances shared through the lips connect us to our history. This is why we are choosing to use Indigenous languages in our SUSTAIN collection. Each shade is named after the earth, land or word for on the land or earth in one of the over 7000 Indigenous languages. We are excited to share a glimpse of each language through each shade. 

Enjoy the perfect amount of colour with these buildable, special edition, shades. We love that they can be worn lightly or built up for a dramatic colour. 

The nude is called NUNA or nu-na, the word for land in Inuktitut the language of the Inuit people. Today that land is the Great North. It’s a pink nude with taupe undertones.  

The red is called MAKOC or mah-koh-chay, is the word for land in Lakota the Siouan language. Today the Sioux People live in South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska, also known as Standing Rock. This shade is the perfect oxblood red.

The brown is called OOXOR or o-hor the word for land or earth in the Gabrielino or the language of the TONGVA people, today that land is called Los Angeles. We love this 90’s brown!

*This formulation is vegan, never tested on animals and free of all scents and essential oils.

*This tube uses 85% less plastic and is made of biodegradable paper. 
*These lipsticks are made in small batches and poured by hand so there may be some small imperfections